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Cloudveil has two main operational activities: Intelligence Services and Security Risk Management. Intelligence Services comprises Due Diligence, as pre-transaction or pro-active research and reporting, and Investigations, which are conducted post-transaction, or as a reactive measure. Cloudveil’s Security Risk Management Practice covers four main areas: Programme Development, Risk and Resilience Measures, Learning and Development and Management Information.

GyroMetric Systems

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GyroMetric Systems have designed a revolutionary way of collecting and analysing digital data from rotating shafts to produce the most detailed predictions of potential mechanical failure available. This sets a new standard of protection that can be used on any rotating shaft from a bench tool spindle to a cruise liner propeller shaft.

Pharm 2 Farm

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Pharm2Farm has developed and patented a process to increase the bioavailability of trace minerals in plant fertilizer. This patented process uses nanotechnology and amino acid coatings to dramatically improve trace element take-up by plants in hydroponics, horticulture and agriculture. Pharm2Farm produce and sell these products through an exclusive licence to this technology from Nottingham Trent University, UK.

The increased bioavailability provides greater nutrient take-up, leading to a more sustainable crop with increased yields, longer shelf life and enhanced nutrient profile.

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