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In addition to the company’s established Incremental Motion Encoder (IME) system, GyroMetric has recently filed a patent application for a new method of measuring the axial movement of rotating shafts which matches the reliability achieved by its digital radial measurement method.

The GyroMetric active protection system has been certified for the marine market by IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping). Working with global marine coupling supplier Vulkan Gmbh, GyroMetric has over 60 systems in service which protect large marine drives and couplings, producing considerable cost savings for their ship owners.

More recently GyroMetric has moved into monitoring and protecting wind turbines, having recently completed highly successful trials using the world’s newest and most powerful offshore wind turbine drive train test facility at the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult at Blyth. Working with ORE Catapult’s drivetrain experts, GyroMetric’s technology has been tested to improve the understanding of the behaviour of the components in use, with a view to increasing the efficiency and output of wind turbines, whilst reducing the requirement for unplanned maintenance.

Further applications in other industrial sectors are being considered as the company works to strengthen its sales and marketing resources.

GyroMetric System

The GyroMetric system is able to measure the runout (positioning error) of bearings to one tenth of a micron (0.0001 mm) at speeds of up to 20,000 revolutions per minute. The unique ability of the GyroMetric system to do this reliably over a wide range of speeds and shaft sizes makes the system applicable to most industrial applications.


The system uses standard sensor and electronics technology so installation and operating costs are comparable with current technologies, but with significantly enhanced accuracy and diagnostic capabilities which are vital for condition monitoring of capital equipment. GyroMetric data can be used to optimise performance by continually maximising output and planning maintenance to minimise down time. Material operating cost reductions have been achieved using GyroMetric data, providing a substantial competitive advantage for owners.

Other Sectors

Much of industry depends on rotating shafts and the health, or otherwise, of these systems is critical. Important sectors for the GyroMetric business to date have been in marine engines, machine tools and wind turbines and it has great potential in sectors such as nuclear and other power stations and within petrochemical plants. Monitoring the condition of rotating shaft mechanisms has traditionally been carried out using vibration sensors. Such sensors measure the frequencies and amplitudes of vibration. The GyroMetric approach is to measure accurately the actual displacements and the frequencies which, coupled with real time monitoring, enables automatic intervention to safeguard equipment and gives much richer data for assessing performance including wear and load calculations, and to facilitate optimal maintenance and replacement planning.



Our sensors measure to within 0.1 microns at up to 20,000rpm


Digital tech means no moving parts, stability and self-calibration


Avoiding costly breakdowns by precision performance analysis